I have been offering hair extensions now for around 3 years and I have really taken it seriously. I totally love making people feel good but providing a good service and the hair side of my business really helps me achieve that feeling all the time! You will have to be careful as some hair extension technicians are not fully insured to provide the service so please check to make sure your technician has 100% got cover to apply hair extensions, else you could be in trouble. Hair extensions are not the kind of thing someone can do, some would argue that anyone could give someone a spray tan and to some extents its true. But unqualified personel should never try to do this to someone for money!

Services I offer

I have been working thorough different methods trying to choose ones which I think are the best. I only use 100% real Indian hair as its so much better than fake hair I would feel embarrised using anything else on someone. A consultation would need to be booked before hand to get a colour match arranged and so I could go through all the different options there are available to you.

We have provided you with video showing the different methods I use to apply extensions below:

Micro Ring

Cold Fusion

Keratin Bonded




Greater London

SW18 1DY

Telephone: 07507 853695

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