​I am a fully trained, qualified and insured practitioner in the art of semi permanent eyelash extension treatments, eyelash perming and eyelash tinting. The area I cover for most of my eyelash services is with a 15 mile radius of Wandsworth. For 3d eyelash extension clients I am happy to cover a slightly larger area. Please call me for more information on the areas I cover.

Information about these services

​Here I will quickly go through what these treatments entail:​​​

·         Eyelash Tinting = Eyelash tinting is a treatment which dyes your natural lashes a darker shade, some women swear by it!

·         Eyelash Perming = Eyelash perming works best on ladies who have straight or wonky lashes. Again many women wont go for anything else1​​​!

·         3D Lashes = There are different types of semi permanent eyelash extensions, the difference being in how long they last and how many lashes get applied in one go. The original 3D lashes were individual strands of false eyelash applied one by one until a style has been created. This type tend to last betwenn 4-6 weeks if kept well. Other forms have shot up such as Express Lashes, Party Lashes & the Flare Lash. All that seperates them is how many lashes, usually numbers of 2/3/4/5 are applied in one go over and over to create the style. This type of lash enhancement lasts between 2-4 weeks maximum.​

​For more information about my eyelash treatments which I provide please either call me directly or view one of the videos below, one for each treatment.



Greater London

SW18 1DY

Telephone: 07507 853695

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